Hidden Fear

This photo of my sister says a lot to me. Jessenia is 12. She sees what I do, what I say, how I act. In this photo she peeks slowly in my footsteps, screaming, crying, bad attitude, rage, etc. It is an image of taking baby steps towards my path. Incarceration, drugs, delinquency. If I keep up what I am doing the young generation of me will end up being me. Slowly but surely she will be me. How can I stop someone I love from ending up like me when I can’t even stop being on the same path. Love & hurt in this simple picture, present of my past will not be the future of her present.

Peace within the mind

I chose this picture of myself at the beach because it’s how I visualize the world in my eyes. The world can be so rocky & rough like the waves, but other days it can be smooth & calm like the sand. Although the cold breeze matches a part of my dying heart, the warm sand, under my toes, gives me reasons to look for better days. It’s my peace within the mind knowing I am free to fly like a bird but trapped at the bottom like seaweed.