Just Cuz (YOU) Can’t See


The AjA Project partners with SDCOE Juvenile Court and Community Schools to provide students with access to innovative arts-based programming at school sites across San Diego County. Through AjA’s programs, young people use photography and visual arts to explore aspects of personal identity and social justice through a process that creates space for transformation around perspectives and their ambitions for the future.


“Just Cuz (YOU) Can’t See” is the culmination of the dedication, hard work, and perseverance displayed by 37ECB and La Mesa Community School youth over the course of twenty sessions of programming with The AjA Project which began November 2019 and ended March 2020.  Throughout the 5 month-long program, the youth participated in a series of photo activities, field trips, and artists talks by local guest artists Alejandro Villegas and Michelle Guerrero.


Focusing on symbolism, portraiture, and documentary photography, participants were invited to flip the lens inward and explore some of the many facets of their own identities. Each participant's work consists of four photographs that represent what they are inspired by, inhibited by, where they come from, and ultimately, what represents them.